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  • The Walking Dead 3×07 Sneak Peek #2 “when The Dead Come Knocking”

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    “Just when you think life was getting easier!”

    The writers this season worked overtime to create the most action packed episodes they could. The action in this one is intense and non-stop from beginning to end. Rick is working to get the group more organized and prepared to have a nicer living area…Read more

    “Outstanding show!”

    We LOVE The Walking Dead series! It's one of the best shows on tv (and I don't even like zombies!). Great storyline, characters are well-developed. We look forward to every episode. I'm not a horror fan AT ALL, but this series is different. You can…Read more

    “Awesome season opener!”

    After sticking through season two, which was alot of looking for a little girl and standing around on a farm waiting for something to happen, I hoped that they'd pick up the pace a little with season three. The premiere doesn't dissapoint! Everything…Read more

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    When The Dead Come Knocking Review