The Syma S107 Helicopter Ranked

Rc Helicopter Syma S107g Indoor Flight 3ch Rc Helicoter Remote Control Slow Flyer Co-axial Micro

The Syma s107 RC heli-copter is available in just a pair of colours, vibrant red as well as vibrant yellow and from initial glance would seem to be significantly a lot of the alternative interior helicopters available at the moment. though you will discover vital main distinctions,

For example the Syma s107 helicopter features an alloy frame in addition to a hard plastic covering which make it highly hard-wearing, mine has lived through large amounts of crashes in many cases directly onto my significant other as I like to hover it around her head which I find humorous however as you can imagine she fails to share my clear enjoyment of this action and I have finally had to cease my beloved activity for concern about her turning into my Ex-girlfriend.

Seriously though I've crashed my s107 repeatedly by way of trying to create tricks like landing it in-between shelving etc, yet , that's what makes the s107 a great deal of fun because of the excellent control it offers it encourages you to propel your ability to the limit and despite these stunning crashes mine still fly's exactly like it did the moment I received it.

Owing to becoming a total gadget fanatic my very first experience with the s107 was at the Channel 5 Gadget Show Live during 2010 this is a United kingdom based exhibit where all the best gadgets from all around the world are ushered into one location for us lucky gadgeters to have a go with and even acquire when we so wish. To start with I was suspicious about getting one mainly because I had formerly brought quite a few lower priced models and makes from totally different manufacturers and discovered them to be very disappointing. The problem I regularly experienced was that they wound' t fly in a straight line no matter how much adjusting I did to them and would then simply damage upon landing, the fact is for a while I was hooked on paying for these super-cheap helicopters in search of one that would complete my flying needs, yet each and every one I purchased let me down.

I began to think that It had been my own poor quality flying and maybe it was yet in minutes of getting my sweaty mitts upon the s107 I had it flying like a dream. It literally does just take a a couple of min's to get the hang of before you maintain a understanding of the controls, which specifically makes the s107 ideally matched for many people who are merely getting up and running with small choppers be they small children or grownups alike.

The specific reason it fly's so very well is because it take advantage of a coaxial rotor, solitary back blades to get exact activity together with the most up to date GYRO engineering for greater steadiness, regardless of whether flying or hovering which in turn keeps the s107 nice and stable to minimize wobbling whilst additionally allowing for a more precise diving action.

The actual operator demands 6 Double a batteries which are not included and is provided with full three Stations : Upward, Downwards, Left, Right, Forward and Backwards. The syma s107 Indoor heli-copter is integrated with a 1 cellular 3.7v lithium polymer battery and also comes packed with a USB charging lead in order to directly power it up by way of just about any USB port, or in case you fancy it can be charged straight through the controller, but obviously at a cost to the energy of your power supply.

Both these methods take the same amount of time which is around 30 minutes from a compete discharge to a full charge and the USB has a little orange light that lets you know when the Helicopter is fully charged.. Once at full charge your s107 will give you around 10 to 15 minutes flight time. Patience has never been one of my strong points so I ended up buying another s107 which I put on charge whilst flying the other, hence allowing me to have continuous flight time, Genius I know!! Ok maybe not but it works for me..

Due to it being an indoor helicopter the controller doesn't have the traditional pull out metal wire transmitter and uses an inferred method instead. In my ignorance I did try to fly mine outside one evening and got some success but due the S107 being so small at 7.5″L x 1.5″W x 3.5″H it is very light so even a small amount of wind will carry it away. I got first hand experience of this and found myself knocking on my next neighbours door asking him if he would mind collecting it out of his garden! Very embarrassing indeed, not one of my finest moments I can assure you!

To Sum up then the Syma s107 is certainly the best helicopter I have ever owned and as I've already said I have purchased quiet a few in my time. Its strengths are it has a very cool looking design and produces a flashing light when turned on which looks great when in a dimly lit room. The s107 is very durable and easy to fly even for beginners and as such can be used in small areas due to the great control it offers. The only weakness I can really think of is that the battery just doesn't seem to last long enough at around 10 to 15 minutes because time fly's when you are having fun(sorry I couldn't help myself). Plus the fact that you can't fly it outside but I suppose it wasn't designed for that anyway?

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Picture Of The Syma S107 Helicopter Ranked
The Syma S107 Helicopter Ranked