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  • Doctor Who: ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’ TV Trailer – Series 7 2012 Episode 5 – BBC One

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    “Needed a few tissues for this one”

    I will say this for BBC's reboot of Doctor Who — the show does both its Hello's and its Goodbyes very well. It will be difficult to write much in this review without offering spoilers. I really, really enjoyed this episode. It kept me guessing. It had…Read more

    “The last page.”

    The time has come for the Ponds to depart – and the hype wasn't wrong. It will indeed be heartbreaking. No matter what age or gender you are, you will cry. Don't believe me? This is the only Doctor Who episode I have ever seen which actually had me…Read more


    This is definitely the best episode of this season and is a strong competitor for top spot of the entire reboot. I loved the pacing and felt the story remained even throughout the entire episode unlike previous episodes this season which seemed to have…Read more

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    The Angels Take Manhattan Review