Positive and Negative Aspects of Computer Games

There are always two sides in every story. And in a similar way, one may be able to find both the best and the worst of a particular idea or material. Thus, for the sake of objectivity, it is always better to weigh in the pros and cons before finally deciding whether such an item or idea is worth the shot or not.

Similarly, the same concept holds true when it comes to computer games. Indeed, when one talks about computer games, one can easily have various diversions of reviews and personal rants and raves about it. Depending on what type of person you are, you would have either the best testimonial or the worst about computer games. But of course, such effect of using computer games, whether it is positive or negative, is also highly dependent on the user or the player of such computer games. It should be for everybody’s knowledge that there is nothing wrong about playing computer games when it is only played in moderation.

The positive aspects about computer games:

– It is a safe way to be entertained.

There are a lot of forms of entertainment. Usually for men, it is the physical games such as basketball or football. But expect only some minor body pains, bruises and aches as these are highly physical games. But with computer games, all you have to do is sit down and you can play whatever you want as long as it is available online.

– It is borderless

Usually when kids are playing, one can only participate such game if and only if the kids who will be participating are all present in the same area. However, in the case of kids or players who are fond in computer games, one may be able to play with other co players even though they are far away or even though they are not present with them. This is because of the most convenient feature offered to them through the Internet.

– It is not expensive.

As compare to other forms of gaming, computer games may be played even though you don’t have to expensively pay for it. For those who are only renting a computer to play computer games, you may only have to buy your hourly consumption of the Internet.

But with the positive effects also comes the negative effects of computer games. These are the following:

– It is highly addictive.

Since most users are only kids and teenagers, it would be very difficult for them to break the addicting habit. This could reach to a very serious issue to the point of them no longer wanting to go to school or do their household or school chores because they just want to play the game all night long.

– It keeps kids to be less engaging and less social

With the advent of technology through computer games, more and more people are now being less social as they are more absorbed in playing with their own personal computer games.

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