The specs of ‘Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures [Blu-ray]’ are:

  • Manufacturer: Paramount
  • Language: English
  • Product Dimensions: 7×5.7×0.9 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 0.7 pounds

Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures Blu Ray Collection Unboxing & Review

Here are some REAL customer reviews:

“BLU-RAY Comprehensive Review – Well Worth It, With One Great New Extra Feature”

Swinging onto Blu-Ray at last, INDIANA JONES: THE COMPLETE ADVENTURES is undoubtedly going to rank as one of the fall's must-have format releases. Paramount's five-disc set includes the HD debuts of “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” “Indiana Jones and the…Read more

“Raiders In HD = Awesome”

So far only watched Raiders of the Lost Ark, but from that movie alone i would highly recommend this. For any Indy fan this is a must have, and for anyone either to young to remember them, or who liked them but never bought the DVDs it is also really…Read more

“Blu-ray Review: “Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures””

I am an Indiana Jones fan through and through. I have been since I saw “Raiders of the Lost Ark” as a child in 1981. The Blu-ray release of such a monumental piece of film history merits taking the day off work and viewing all the entries of the series…Read more