Whether you’ve had your car a long time and need repairs, or you’ve looking to do some upgrading or installations you will need to have some original parts replaced. Upgrading or repairing your vehicle can become quite costly to the average working American. One way of cutting down on these costs is to have aftermarket parts installed into your vehicle. If you’ve not aware of the difference between aftermarket vs. factory parts, locating a dealer is your best option for learning more about the pros and cons. Below are a few pointers to help you make a more informed decision about the types of parts you should install in your vehicle.

Aftermarket Parts

First you should have a clear understanding of what aftermarket parts are. They are parts for vehicles that are not necessarily generated by the original manufacture. They can be found on the market at far cheaper prices than factory parts. However, price does not always mean best choice which is where some consumers go wrong.

If you take your vehicle to an independently owned repair shop, eight times out of ten you will find that they utilize aftermarket auto parts. However, if you were to take your vehicle to a dealership for repairs, you will find that most of them only carry manufacturer/factory parts. Before deciding which is best for your vehicle you should inquire that you抮e protecting any warranties you might still have on your vehicle.

Costs: Aftermarket Vs. Factory

More times than not if you begin browsing for auto parts you will find that aftermarket is less expensive than factory parts. However, when looking at intial prices it is also important to keep future savings in mind. The savings in aftermarket parts being installed on your car are only significantly increased if you select the right brand of part. Purchasing an aftermarket part of poor quality means that you run the risk of having to replace it again in the near future.

Quality: Aftermarket Vs. Factory

You might find that there are plenty of suppliers for aftermarket parts than there are for factory parts which may seem like an advantage. However, what this means is that those companies have less time to worry about the quality of their products and are more concerned with mass production. Therefore, if you feel that purchasing aftermarket parts is your best option you should be vigilant in making sure that the parts you’re purchased are using high quality materials.

So as you can clearly see, whether your best option is factory or aftermarket car parts it will be imperative that you do your homework and only entrust your vehicle repairs to a trusted reliable repair shop that will be upfront in helping you make decisions that are best for your vehicle and your budget. Both options have their pros and cons and thus a decision should be made with a professional.  In order to find a reliable dealership, be sure to inquire with several in your area to assure that you have made the best decision.

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