effect of culture hairstyle

For centuries, women have considered their hair as their crown. This is why most women usually wants the best treatment for their hair, beside their skin. Most women believe that they can become beautiful if they also have beautiful hair and skin. There are so many ways in making hair beautiful such as by coloring it or applying new hairform. People commonly know these two ways in making hair beautiful as hairstyle. For centuries, hairstyle has developed. There are so many types of hairstyles and each people in this world, especially woman, has their own favourite hairstyle. However, we realize that there is something different with hairstyle right now. Hairstyle right now is not only affected by how people treat their hair as well as the environment, but also by the world culture, especially Korean culture which has become famous with its K-Pop.

Generally, people recognize that hairstyle right now is affected by Korean hairstyles and from fashion line hairdressers. There are various hairstyles type and each of them has their own characteristics which make people interested in applying them with their hair. However, everyone should take deep consideration before applying new hairstyle, especially medical consideration because hair is not just an object that people can treat in whatever style they like. Human’s hair can become sick and dead, too which will result in making people less beautiful. We totally sure that there is no one in this world who wants to become beautiful or handsome, but at the same time they have sick or dead hairs on their head.

The most popular hairstyle right now is Korean style. People usually recognize this hairstyle because it usually applied at medium or long hair. Using various techniques, people can also change the appearance of their hair in order to follow this style by creating their hair wavy or curly. In this case, people can choose whether natural wavy or curled wavy, using curling iron. Regarding the color commonly used for this hairstyle, most people love to use brunette, hazelnut chocolate, and dark brown colors. Most people choose this hairstyle because they think it is perfect for their daily look, especially when they apply shaggy cut and combine it with hair bangs.

The another style chosen by people as hairstyle right now is ladylike style. Basically, this hairstyle is inspired by women’s hairstyle in 1950-1060s. Usually, people love to apply this hairstyle because of its look: short to medium haircut, mostly curly at the bottom edge of the hair. Other people love to apply this hairstyle because they think it is perfect for party or formal events, especially when they emphasize it with maxi dress or even ball gown.

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