Cupcake Molds

One way to make your cupcakes stand out and be unique is through cupcake molds. These molds may seem daunting, especially for the new-to-the-kitchen folk, so let’s talk about them here. Essentially, cupcake molds are just like any mold you have used by the beach to build that awesome sand castle. The molds basically help shape the cupcakes into fun shapes. There are circular, regular, and traditional ones. However, there is more to these molds.

The most common type of these molds is silicone ones, because it is durable, flexible, and easy to clean. While there are metal ones, they require more maintenance and cleaning. Sometimes, the metal makes it harder to remove the cupcakes from the pan. So, a silicon cupcake mold makes it easier to remove the cupcakes, without any crumbs.

If you want to make each cupcake individually, there are individually cupcake molds, however, those tend to be pricey (in the seven dollar range).

Most cupcake molds, on the other hand, cost less than that and they offer molds for at least six cupcakes. There are the traditional circular molds, however, there are also cupcake molds that are shaped in fun shapes. For instance, here is one shaped like a series of hearts at Amazon.It costs only six dollars to get a six-cupcake mold, but it is not all the typical heart-shaped cupcake molds. Some are fun, creative ones, like this one that is shaped as crown shaped molds, which still costs around six dollars as well. There are more pricey ones, but even then, they tend to be below the ten-dollar mark. For instance, there are star shaped ones, as well as Christmas tree ones available online, both of which cost less than ten dollars.

Silicone molds are cost efficient, flexible, oven safe, and tend to be dishwasher safe. No matter which type of cupcake molds you choose, try to search online first to see if the mold is not over-priced, and that it is safe to use in the oven. Make sure that the cupcake mold is dishwasher safe to reduce the amount of maintenance you have to give to the mold. Sometimes, cheaper molds do not mean that the mold is going to be safe for cooking, so research the product first. See if people have given it positive or negative reviews online. By doing so, you can buy yourself a wonderful set of cupcake molds that will make your culinary experiences easier, more fun, and safe. Research away and, hopefully, you will be on your way to make wonderful, unique, and delicious cupcakes. Good luck and happy cooking adventures!

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