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Alcohol and Insomnia

Alcohol and Insomnia

Many people believe that a few drinks will help them to sleep better when in fact it will help a person fall asleep but it will not help to keep them asleep. Way too often those few nightcaps can cause a person to wake several times during the night and further lead to feeling sluggish, disorientated, and have a lack of concentration the next day. Unfortunately, this can lead to a very unhealthy pattern. Contrary to what many might think alcohol and insomnia do not mix at all. Alcohol causes the body to dehydrate which can make insomnia even worse.

Alcohol is also a contributing factor in keeping people out of the deep sleep cycle which makes them feel even worse the next day. So this is how alcohol and insomnia work, alcohol makes the body fall asleep very quickly while at the same time it is dehydrating your body too. As a result, the body will wake for water because of the dehydration and your body will never get a chance to fall into the REM cycle of sleep, which is the deep important sleep that all people need. No alcohol will ever alleviate a person’s insomnia but in fact will make it worse. It is certainly no trade off to become a person with a drinking problem attempting to compensate for an insomnia condition.

There are many more effective ways to treat insomnia without tipping back a few drinks. You have to figure out what is causing the insomnia which can be attempted to be done by ones self but will likely have to be defined by a doctor. The doctor can evaluate all of the causes and get into more depth of what could be the underlying cause of the insomnia, the treating it with the appropriate measures that are not related to drinking alcohol in a failed attempt to mask the problem of insomnia. Remember that drinking will never help you get a quality nights sleep but what it will do is cause the problem to worsen and the next day in addition to feeling fatigued and lethargic, you will have additional discomfort from the alcohol.

Alcohol and its effects on insomnia might be one of the biggest misconceptions ever. Maybe that is because while a few drinks might actually induce sleep and make one fall asleep faster it is almost as if the sleep that they are getting does not count. It is not the right level of sleep and with the other factors of alcohol mixed in; technically one might as well have stayed up all night in terms of the body.

In other words the sleep did not benefit the body or mind at all. As a matter of fact, most people who have a dependency on alcohol have frequent sleep disruptions, even after the discontinuation of use. Beyond any withdrawal period a persons sleep patterns could very well never return to normal and as a result they may indeed have to battle frequent battles with insomnia for the rest of their lives.

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9 Ways to Naturally Cure Bad Breath

9 Ways to Naturally Cure Bad Breath

Bad breath is simply bad. No question about it. But the good thing about this is that it can be cured naturally. How to do it? Learn these easy to follow tips:

1. Brush your teeth. Tooth brushing important to keep your teeth clean by removing food particles from your previous meal. The doctors recommend that your brush your teeth for at least 2 times a day. Replace your toothbrush at least every 3 or 4 months.

2. Clean your tongue. Use a dentist prescribe tongue scraper. This is important since bacteria harbor to your tongue the most. If you use toothbrush, make sure that you brush your tongue at least 15 times. Using spoon as an alternative to clean your tongue can also give you a good result.

3. Use dental floss and mouthwash. Regular toothbrush cannot cover the entire surface area of your teeth so you need to use dental floss at least once a day and mouthwash. If possible, avoid commercial mouthwash that contains too much alcohol. Alcohol contributes to dry mouth. Dry mouth is where bacteria thrive most and bad breath begins.

4. Visit your dentist to treat oral problems. Bad breath is sometimes caused by plaque and cavities of your teeth. Let your dentist take care of your dentures to remove your tooth decay.

5. Eat low fat diet, fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables such as celery, apply, carrot, cucumber, and alike clean your mouth naturally. Low diet food on the other hand keeps you away from those foods that contribute to foul breath. Also, avoid foods such as onion and garlic. They contain oil that when digested will be mixed with the bloodstream and produces bad breath.

6. Go for natural antibiotics. Aloe vera and fresh parsley can cure bad breath. They contain natural antibiotics that sweeten and detoxify your breath. Chew fresh parsley as often as you can. (Chewing increases saliva production and flow, thus chewing also helps cure bad breath.) Aloe vera on the other hand can be made as mouthwash. Mix 2 tsp. of aloe vera juice to 24 ounces of water and gurgle it in your mouth. Cloves, cinnamon, myrrh, rosemary, basil, thyme, and mint leaves are chewed to cure bad breath.

7. Drink plenty of water. Another natural cure for bad breath is drinking plenty of water. Bad breath is caused by anaerobic bacteria that break down sugar and protein into VSCs or volatile sulphur compounds. The VSCs are responsible to the foul smell coming out of your mouth. If drying of the mouth can be minimized by washing it off regularly by drinking plenty of water, the thriving of bacteria on your mouth is lessened, thus curing bad breath.

8. Quit smoking. Tobacco products contribute to bad breath. Smoking tobacco also causes some diseases known to characterize themselves by developing bad breath. Such diseases include kidney failure, liver failure, and lung infection. To quit smoking means lessening the chances of developing any of these diseases as well as bad breath.

9. Formulate your own toothpaste. All you need to do is to mix 3 part baking soda with 1 part salt. Put it to your toothbrush and brush your teeth like you normally do. That’s all! In the period of days or weeks your bad breath is history plus you have whiter teeth, not to mention the small fortune you have saved.

Curing bad breath naturally is easy with these tips. And the best thing about these is that, you don’t have so spend so much just to remove that nasty odor coming out of your mouth.

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Antioxidant Berry

Antioxidant Berry

Someone once said that anything rich, creamy, and delicious couldn’t be good for you. It would have been better if you only end up with thunder thighs after a bowl of rich cream, but there are far more serious health risks you’ll have to consider when you indulge yourself with such things.

That was then. This is now and it’s perfectly okay to whip out your spoons, forks, and mats because today is decades in the making; today is the day you are permitted to salivate.

A recent food Olympics has been conducted and out of the 100 different varieties of foods, vegetables, and nuts, 20 antioxidant rich foods came out at the top. This list of foods contained most of the very rich antioxidant foods as ranked by nutrition scientists at the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and reported by the University of Alabama website on November 1, 2004.

Wild blueberry was narrowly beaten out by the small red bean, which captured the red-blue medal. The small red bean was dubbed the food with the highest concentration of disease-fighting antioxidant compounds per serving.

Antioxidants are the heroes in an epic struggle against villain molecules called “free radicals.” Free radicals do nothing but assault cells, turning them into molecules like themselves. This actually creates a chain reaction which could eventually lead to killer diseases such as heart disease and cancer, and even aging itself.

The Top 20 list of antioxidants published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry shows the ranks of the capacity of berry foods, fruits, and vegetables to interfere with or prevent oxidative processes where free radicals are formed. Ronald L. Prior, a USDA nutritionist and research chemist based in Little Rock, Ark explains that berry antioxidants were ranked according to their total antioxidant capacity. However, they were surprised to find that besides berry fruits, antioxidants may also come from the most unexpected foods as well.

Prior and his colleagues used the most advanced technologies available to tabulate antioxidant levels in more than 100 different types of berry fruits, vegetables, nuts, and spices. The Top 20 list includes small red beans (dried), wild blueberry, red kidney beans, pinto beans, blueberry (cultivated), cranberry, artichokes (cooked), blackberry, prunes (dried plums), raspberry, strawberry, red delicious apples, Granny Smith apples, pecans, sweet cherries, black plums, russet potatoes (cooked), black beans (dried), plums, and gala apples.

“Even though the small red bean came out on top, berry is better understood,” Prior says after noting that a berry devours six of the top 11 blue-red medals.

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Aphasia’s Speech And Language Problems Targeted For Speech Therapy

Aphasia's Speech And Language Problems Targeted For Speech Therapy

Aphasia can bring about a lot of speech and language problems that are to be treated for speech therapy. The kind of speech and language problems brought by Aphasia would highly depend on the kind of Aphasia that you may have.

Broca’s Aphasia

Broca’s Aphasia is also known as motor aphasia. You can obtain this, if you damage your brain’s frontal lobe, particularly at the frontal part of the lobe at your language-dominant side.

If Broca’s Aphasia is your case, then you may have complete mutism or inability to speak. In some cases you may be able to utter single-word statements or a full sentence, but constructing such would entail you great effort.

You may also omit small words, like conjunctions (but, and, or) and articles (a, an, the). Due to these omissions, you may produce a “telegraph” quality of speech. Usually, your hearing comprehension is not affected, so you are able to comprehend conversation, other’s speech and follow commands.

Difficulty in writing is also evident, since you may experience weakness on your body’s right side. You also get an impaired reading ability along with difficulty in finding the right words when speaking. People with this type of aphasia may be depressed and frustrated, because of their awareness of their difficulties.

Wernicke’s Aphasia

When your brain’s language-dominant area’s temporal lobe is damaged, you get Wernicke’s aphasia. If you have this kind of aphasia, you may speak in uninterrupted, long, sentences; the catch is, the words you use are usually unnecessary or at times made-up.

You can also have difficulty understanding other’s speech, to the extent of having the inability to comprehend spoken language in any way. You also have a diminished reading ability. Your writing ability may be retained, but what you write may seem to be abnormal.

In contrast with Broca’s Aphasia, Wernicke’s Aphasia doesn’t manifest physical symptoms like right-sided weakness. Also, with this kind of Aphasia, you are not aware of your language errors.

Global Aphasia

This kind of aphasia is obtained when you have widespread damage on language areas of your brain’s left hemisphere. Consequently, all your fundamental language functions are affected. However, some areas can be severely affected than other areas of your brain.

It may be the case that you have difficulty speaking but you are able to write well. You may also experience weakness and numbness on the right side of your body.

Conduction Aphasia

This kind is also known as Associative Aphasia. It is a somewhat uncommon kind, in which you have the inability to repeat sentences, phrases and words. Your speech fluency is reasonably unbroken. There are times that you may correct yourself and skip or repeat some words.

Even though you are capable of understanding spoken language, you can still have difficulty finding the right words to use to describe an object or a person. This condition’s effect on your reading and writing skills can also vary. Just like other types of aphasia, you can have sensory loss or right-sided weakness.

Nominal Or Anomic Aphasia

This kind of aphasia would primarily influence your ability to obtain the right name for an object or person. Consequently, rather than naming an object, you may resort to describing it. Your reading skills, writing ability, hearing comprehension, and repetition are not damaged, except by this inability to get the right name.

Your may have fluent speech, except for the moments that you pause to recall the correct name. Physical symptoms like sensory loss and one-sided body weakness, may or may not be present.

Transcortical Aphasia

This kind is caused by the damage of language areas on your left hemisphere just outside your primary language areas. There are three types of this aphasia: transcortical sensory, transcortical motor, and mixed transcortical. All of these types are differentiated from others by your ability to repeat phrases, words, or sentences.

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History of Cerebral Palsy

History of Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a physical disability most common in childhood basically affecting the movements and posture causing limited activity being attributed to disturbances, which are not progressive occurring in the developing infant or fatal brain. The motor disorders of cerebral palsy are habitually accompanied by disturbances of cognition, sensation, perception, communication, and behavior or seizure disorder.

There are secondary orthopaedic abnormality inhibited by the child such as scoliosis of the spine and hip dislocation. Scoliosis is a condition involving spine’s lateral curvature greater than ten degrees without possible cure but can be treated by surgery or bracing.

William Little first detected the cerebral palsy also known as cerebral paralysis in 1860. He was a British surgeon identifying that asphyxia during birth is the major cause of the abnormality. Asphyxia is a condition where there is an occurrence of extremely deficient oxygen supply to the body leading to inability of breathing normally.

In 1897, Sigmund Freud, a neurologist said that the disorder is not brought about by a difficult birth rather from the symptoms of other effects during the development of the fetus.

In 1980, it was found out by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke that only few number of cases of cerebral palsy is due to lack of oxygen during birth.

It was believed by Thomas Galton that there is a consistency between aptitude and physical disability however this attitude stays prevalent leading to an over diagnosed cerebral palsy disorder in 1970.

This leads to occurrences of different cerebral palsy subtypes including hypotonic CP however only one individual out of 2000 are positively diagnosed with this disorder. So it only means that cerebral palsy depends on the people’s interpretation of what the disorder is. Spastic, Ataxic, Atheoid, and mixed are recognized by scholars as important forms of cerebral palsy open to subtypes existence.

It is a misnomer that cerebral palsy causes mental retardation because only those individual with brain damage associated with frontal cerebral cortex acquired this disorder.

Learning difficulties can occur but individuals with CP can have normal lives when it is managed effectively and coherently. Difficulties in movements are common with people diagnosed with cerebral palsy varying from minor levels of clumsiness.

Cerebral palsy can occur during pregnancy with a rate of 75%, at birth with a 5% rating, after birth with a 15% rating. Eighty percent of cerebral palsy causes are not known. However some known causes includes malnutrition, infections and major head injury during early stage of childhood.

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Air Ambulance Service Coverage a Great Benefit for Employees

Air Ambulance Service Coverage a Great Benefit for Employees

Big business today knows the value of a good employee.  Good employees are getting harder and harder to find these days.  Excellent workers are not only interested in great pay, but also in a fabulous benefits package.  If you are looking for another terrific perk to add to the company’s benefits package, it may be time to consider air ambulance service coverage.

Companies can receive excellent discounts on air ambulance service coverage costs for groups of employees.  The cost can be covered exclusively by the employer, or paid partially by the employer and shared with the employee.

Air ambulance service coverage plans are not only affordable, but a fabulous benefit for business travelers.  Most coverage plans require that the plan only be utilized when the patient is 150 miles away from home.  If the company has numerous employees that travel from state to state or around the globe on business, then this just may be a benefit that should be added to the company’s roster.

A medical emergency can’t be planned.  No one heads off on a business trip and expects to become ill or injured, but in reality, this may be the case.  Should such a circumstance arise while an employee is away on business, it is important that they be able to return home as quickly as possible.

The cost of transportation by air ambulance can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $75,000 per trip.  Air ambulance service coverage can be used anywhere around the globe.  For a minimal annual or monthly fee, the air ambulance transportation cost can be minimized dramatically, or even reduced completely.

Employees will find this benefit to be a great offering from the company.  Business travelers will want to protect themselves, their family, and their wallet while they are away on business and air ambulance service coverage is just the way to do it.

As you shop for coverage plans for your employees, be certain to compare prices closely.  Read the fine-print on the plan and be cautious of several exclusions of coverage.

Some key issues to consider before signing up include the specific details of the coverage plan.  For the best coverage, make sure that the air ambulance will arrive for pickup of the patient regardless of medical need.  This will ensure that employees are transported safely back home to family and the hospital in the health insurance plan network.

The patient should be able to determine the final hospital destination.  Employees who have a preference of a local hospital will truly appreciate this option.

Lastly, confirm that the air ambulance service coverage is not only nationwide, but global coverage.  Making this determination will broaden the spectrum of opportunity for this valuable benefit.  For companies with overseas travelers, this benefit will be extremely popular with the employees.

You know that securing excellent staff is essential to the well-being of the business.  Salary and benefits packages are what bring the superior employees to you.  Air ambulance service coverage is just one more fabulous benefit that your company can offer to your employees at a reasonable cost.  Employees will value the benefit’s protection to their family and their wallet.  Companies that offer security to their employees have loyal workers for years to come.

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Avoiding Health Problems When Eating Vegan

Avoiding Health Problems When Eating Vegan

Deciding to pick up a new diet can be considered a pain and a major hassle.  On the other hand, choosing to pick up an entirely new lifestyle and change your entire eating habits is a completely different story.  It can be a very fun and exciting time in your life, but it is also a time in your life that will require a bit of effort in order to make the right decision.  There are so many ways that adopting a new lifestyle can go wrong, especially when you are changing significantly the foods that you eat.  Working to ensure that you stay healthy is extremely important and needs to be done.

For the most part anyone who chooses to become a Vegan will have a lot of success.  Working to stay healthy is not impossible, but it will typically require a bit of effort.  There are a lot of nutrients that are provided in meats and other animals products that you do need to be healthy.  If you simply turn to a Vegan lifestyle with no consideration for the nutrients and vitamins that you are now missing out on you will quickly discover that you are weakening your immune system.  Paying close attention to what you are eating, and more importantly what you are missing is critical.

The majority of people who are looking to adopt a new lifestyle tend to do so for a long time, if not permanently.  This means it is very important to ensure you are learning the proper foods to eat to ensure you stay as healthy as possible.  The difference between a new lifestyle and a new diet is a diet is not intended to be followed permanently.  You are simply on a diet for a short period of time, in which you aim to fulfill your specific goals.  A lifestyle is something that you intend to stick to, which is why shortcomings in a lifestyle are much more important than a shortcoming in a diet.

Talking to your doctor is also extremely important.  This will help you to specifically identify any specific needs that you might have.  This would be important because you never know which nutrients are most important for you and your specific needs until you determine what type of physical condition you are presently in.  For the vast majority of people there are few serious needs when starting out, but knowing about any major problems ahead of time is always a good idea to see your doctor just in case.  This will also help you to set your mind at ease.

The biggest concerns that you will have is the need to seek out plenty of nutrients.  This is important because it will help you to maintain your energy level as well as also make absolutely certain that you are getting plenty of the nutrients and health that you need to stay as healthy as possible.  If you find that you are not getting proper nutrition it will be virtually impossible for you to maintain the lifestyle that you are trying to develop.

A small bit of effort put into proper planning will allow you to enjoy your venture in to the Vegan lifestyle.  Talking to your doctor about any concerns that you have, as well as doing ample research to ensure that you are fully aware of any potential problems before they occur will be a key factor in determining how successful you are. Every year there are tons of people who adopt a Vegan lifestyle, you too can join these people in living a healthier and greener lifestyle.  Small changes to your lifestyle can have huge impacts as long as you are careful and make wise decisions.  Rash decisions however can be very bad for your overall health.  This will make it extremely important to plan ahead to be certain you choose the right decisions for your lifestyle.

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Body Building Anatomy

Body Building Anatomy

The anatomy of body building includes knowing what muscles are located where and how they are grown most effectively.  It can be confusing, so as you read this article, find a mirror and locate the muscles on your own body.  When you are body building, knowing the anatomy of your body can be very, very helpful.

Of course, you know where your neck is.  There are two basic neck muscles that you can focus on in your body building.  The upper trapezius runs down the back of your neck from the nape of the neck to the shoulder.  The levator scapulae runs next to the first five or six cervical vertebrae in your neck.

The trapezius muscles run down your back from the nape of your neck to the waist on either side of the spine.  In body building terms, these muscles are referred to as the trap muscles.

The deltoid muscles are located in your shoulders.  The anterior delt is in the front part of the shoulder, the middle delt runs down the side of the shoulder, the posterior deltoid muscles runs down the back part of the shoulder.  The rotator cuff muscle runs just below the anterior delt from the armpit straight out.

The muscles in your chest are the pectoral muscles.

Your tricep muscles are located in your arms.  They run down the sides of the arms from shoulder to elbow.  The biceps, on the other hand are located on the inside of the arm.  There are also very distinct muscles in the forearms.

Your abs are located in the stomach area or abdominal region hence their name!

In the legs, you have the quadriceps muscles in the front or quads.  The muscles in the back of the legs are located in the calf, or lower leg, and hamstring which is the upper leg.

Other major muscle groups you will want to focus on include glutes or the buttocks, the lats which are in the upper back, and the lower trap muscles which is the lower back.

Knowing your anatomy when you undertake a body building program is a very important part of effectively growing your muscles.  When you know the various muscle groups in your anatomy, you can build those muscles and concentrate on them during your workouts.  In body building, knowledge of human anatomy isn’t difficult when you know what you are looking for.  Know your muscles and succeed in your body building goals.

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Affordable Ways to Seek Allergy Relief

Affordable Ways to Seek Allergy Relief

Do you suffer from allergies?  If you do, are you looking for affordable ways to seek allergy relief?  If you are, you will want to continue reading on.  Below, a few easy and affordable steps that you can take to reduce your allergy symptoms are outlined.

If you have good health insurance, you will want to visit your doctor.  He or she cannot only provide you with prescription medication, but he or she may also be able to provide you with additional tips.  These tips may include other natural and easy ways that you can go about seeking relief.  Management tips, including how you can learn to live with allergies, may also be discussed by your doctor.  Those with adequate health insurance, often find this approach easy and affordable.

If you do not have health insurance and if you cannot afford a visit to the doctor, you will want to examine over-the-counter products that are designed to provide relief to those suffering from allergies.  Over-the-counter products are often much cheaper than getting a prescription without insurance.  For the best level of success and relief, you will want to research online or ask those that you know for information on which over-the-counter products work the best.  Seeking recommendations or reading ratings and reviews online is a great way to save money.  Of course, be sure to read all warning labels before trying an over-the-counter allergy relief product.

Another natural and easy way to seek allergy relief is by removing yourself from the source of your problems or at least limiting your exposure.  For example, if you are allergic to pets and if you are a pet owner, consider seeing if a friend or family member can take your pet for you.  If you do not want to take this approach or if you cannot find a good home for your pet, limit the contact that you have with them, especially indoors.  Keep all pets off furniture as much as possible and keep them out of your bedroom.

Clean your home as much as possible.  There are some individuals who are allergic to mold and large amount of dust.  If are one of those individuals, you may find it difficult to clean your home.  One tip involves cleaning your home as much as possible.  This is a great way to limit the dust that accumulates in your home.  Although not necessarily affordable, you may also want to consider using a professional housecleaner.  In keeping with professional help, if you suffer from mold and mildew allergies, consider calling on a professional mold remover.  Although not cheap, it is the best way to seek relief and your home may also increase in value.  If this expense is too much, consider limiting the amount of time you spend in your basement or other areas where mold is present.

Green tea is another easy and natural way to seek relief from allergies.  Some teas have natural antihistamines in them.  These are a great way and affordable way to seek relief.  Even teas without natural antihistamines in them can help, as tea is known for it calming affect.  The comfort and calmness provided may be welcomed with open arms by those suffering from severe allergy symptoms.

As you likely already know, allergies come in a number of different formats and those suffering from allergies often have different symptoms.  If you suffer from hives, oatmeal should be used.  Oatmeal should be prepared with one cup of boiling water.  Wait a few minutes, around thirty minutes, and then strain.  The remaining liquid can be applied to the skin and hives.  A small paper towel or cotton ball will work.

As you can see, there are a number of affordable ways that you can go about seeking relief from many common allergy symptoms.  If you suffer from allergies, you are encouraged to give the above mentioned approaches a try.  You have nothing to lose by doing so, as most of the above mentioned steps are easy and affordable to take.

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The Types of Neurological Conditions and Physiotherapy Used

The Types of Neurological Conditions and Physiotherapy Used

Neurological conditions may be very severe.  They can be life-threatening at times, and they can certainly affect the quality of the patient’s life.  There are many neurological conditions and physiotherapy can help many of them.

Alzheimer’s disease takes away the declining years of many older people.  It is surprising to note that it can occur in people 40 years old or younger.  ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease is a disease that robs the brain and spinal cord of the ability to move.  Both of these are neurological diseases that can be helped by physiotherapy.

MS, another of the neurological conditions that affects the brain and spinal cord, can lead to a long, slow decline.  Parkinson’s disease is another of the neurological conditions of the brain.  This one can cause shaking and loss of coordination, and problems moving and walking.  Physiotherapy offers some relief to these patients.

Guillain Barre Syndrome is one of the types of neurological conditions that affect the brain and spinal cord too.  It is a case of the person’s own immune system attacking outside these areas.  It can be severe enough to require emergency hospitalization.  Physiotherapy offers help with regaining strength and adapting to life with the disease.

Neurological conditions that are autoimmune diseases are difficult to treat.  Myasthenia Gravis is one such illness.  It causes muscular weakness because of a lack of communication between nerves and muscles.  Like other neurological conditions, it can be very debilitating.

A great amount of physiotherapy is needed to help Myasthenia Gravis patients to live with their neurological conditions.  This includes strength training, training in the use of supportive devices, and help with common tasks.  One problem physiotherapists face when working with MG patients is that too much exercise will make their condition worse and not better.

Many of the patients with neurological conditions cannot carry on daily functions such as caring for themselves and their homes.  It is not uncommon for these people to be unable to work.  They may even have trouble walking or getting up and down stairs at all.

Difficulty swallowing or breathing; dizziness, poor balance and falls, and a total lack of endurance plague many of these patients who have neurological conditions.  Medications or surgeries can help with some of their problems, but many problems are ones they will have to abide.  Physiotherapy can offer solutions that other branches of medicine cannot.

Exercises, as in most physiotherapy, include strengthening and stretching exercises.  In whatever way is possible, patients with neurological conditions need to get aerobic exercise.  Physiotherapists may be able to make a plan so that this is possible.

Part of this plan for patients with neurological conditions would include balance training and coordination training.  With these two skills in place, the patient will have a more advanced ability to do aerobic and other exercises.  Aquatic exercise is also used.

Patients with neurological conditions must live with many problems of lack of movement and function.  Physiotherapy can help them to overcome some of these problems.  It can make their lives easier and more pleasant, besides.

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