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7 Barebones Computer Buying Tips

7 Barebones Computer Buying Tips

Getting a new computer should be a cool thing, especially a cheap computer. After all that time struggling with you old machine, probably fighting with it to get the latest software to run, your new computer should be a ray of light for your computing future.

Oh, if it were that simple. If things were really that easy or simple when buying a cheap computer, life would be much easier, but just like every other thing, its not that simple.

Barebones computers have become extremely popular, and for good reason. Getting a barebones computer which does not include a monitor and comes with the bear minimum of parts makes them an upgradable, practical and cheap computer.

But not all things are rosy in barebones computer land…

1. Missing parts

Although barebones computers do come with the essential pieces, most people need at least one or two extras for their day to day barebones system. This is simply due to different applications people use them for. Don’t get caught missing that extra part from your barebones system that you then need to get later. You still need to do some homework and research to find out what you really need from your barebones system.

2. Super cheap computer deals

Beware, many corners can be cut to get those sub $200 dollar barebones systems. They can be great, but not always, carefully analyze the components of the package. Also remember that a barebones system couldn’t possibly include a monitor for that price, which adds a lot to the price.

3. Mismatched parts

This could become a problem if building your own computer, but it even happens in pre-assembled barebones computer deals. There is a chance that you get something that doesn’t fit with the barebones system. There are lots of different connections and speed ratings between parts. Make sure the ones you get match up to the other parts and your needs. Although not common, incompatibilities between parts are not unheard of.

4. Outdated components

To get super-cheap deals older parts are sometimes used in cheap computers. Although this can be a great cost-saver and some old parts are fantastic, there is nearly no chance of an upgrade without putting a major amount of money into your barebones computer again, perhaps as much if not probably more than you paid for your great deal.

5. Defective parts

Although this is another one that has gotten better as the competition has gotten stronger, there is a chance of defects in cheaper products. Your motherboard could be faulty, your power supply might give up after a month or two. These may not be intentional problems, but come hand in hand with “cheap computer stuff”.

6.Refurbished computer parts

Refurbished computer parts are a great way to save some money. Not always the biggest saver, but there can be problems with the updates to these computers in much the way as mismatches happen in barebones systems. Often the computer is slightly updated to meet needs, but is really quite an old model, just with upgrades. Can be fine, but the parts they replace might be replaced with something newer but inferior.

7. Claims of great warranty

To try and entice you into feeling safe, offers of long warranties are made. Most of the parts in the computer could have past their warranty dates, so the warranties are purely from the company that put the computer together. They can be hard to contact and take their time to get replacements to you as well as expect you to mail the computer to them so that they can do the repairs.

Barebones computers can be a great way to put together a second computer, build a computer for simple purposes, like writing documents and casual web surfing. Barebones fit perfectly as a second computer. Just keep these things in mind and you won’t get bitten by the bargain bin monster.

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Antivirus Software For Windows

Antivirus Software For Windows

Windows is an operating system that is introduced by Microsoft, which is known to be the world’s biggest software development company. More than half of the companies as well as small and large sized organization use Microsoft Windows in their computers, hence making it the most used operating system among the rest.

As Windows is used by most of the companies as well as common people therefore computer hackers have designed and created a good number of Windows viruses, Trojan Horses, Spyware and Malware in order to harm the computer and steal the data of the system, therefore it is a dire need that a person should have an antivirus software for windows along his side, else whenever you connect yourself to the internet without an antivirus software for windows, you make yourself open to thousands of different types of viruses to infect your computer and steal your precious data. So if you do not possess antivirus software for windows then you have surely left yourself open to millions of viruses.

One can find a good number of companies that offers different types of antivirus software for windows, in order to protect the user from most of the viruses that are found over the internet. The best thing about such antivirus software for windows is that one can buy it universally from anywhere he want and without any hardship, as there are a good number of online websites that deals in antivirus software for windows, and are willing to sell one year subscription at a very low price, hence allowing you to make the most out of it, as that mere price will surely help you to masses in order to counter different type of viruses that are found over the internet, hence allowing you to have an absolutely safe and secure browsing all the time while keeping all your data intact with you.

The best thing about such antivirus software for windows is that one can always choose to go with a trial version, as this thing allows you to understand how that antivirus software for windows works and how effective it is for you, and if you think it is a right choice for you then all you have to do is to buy that antivirus software for windows, hence allowing you to assured that you are buying the right thing without wasting any kind of money, as you have already tested that antivirus software for windows on your own.

Normally the trial period is 1 month; however there is some antivirus software for windows that also allows you to use the trial version for 6 months or to up to 1 year, hence allowing you to make the most out of it in the best possible manner.

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An Office Management Software Buying Guide

An Office Management Software Buying Guide

Running an office can be a difficult task for any office manager. If you are a business owner, you may want to consider using office management software to assist your office manager. If you are an office manager, you may want to suggest office management software to your supervisor.

As nice as it is to hear that office management software can simplify many office management procedures, you may be curious as to how it is done. For starters, it is important to realize that office management software is designed to simplify the process of office management.  This often involves integrating a number of computer software programs and features all into one program.

Before examining some of the many features found on office management software, it is important to remember that there is a variance.  With that in mind, many office management software programs have easy to use email programs, downloadable and printable customer invoice templates, as well as customer payment record programs, document templates, editable to do lists, and much more.  This easy access to important information and documents will allow your office manager and possibly other staff members to prioritize and improve their productivity.

If you like what office management software can do for you, you may want to start shopping right away. Before doing so, it is important to remember that office management software comes in a number of different formats. If this is your first time purchasing office management software, there are a number of points that you will first want to examine. These points, a few of which are outlined below, can help to ensure that the office management software program purchased is the software that is best for you, your business, and your office manager.

As previously stated, office management software comes in a number of different formats and different versions.  It is important to choose a software program that you and your company can benefit from. That is why it is important to examine all software features.  For instance, if you run a medical office, invoice templates and a payment tracking program may be needed software features.  If your office is large is size, it may be best to choose an office management software program that involves networking all office computers together or a web-based program for home based workers or those who regularly travel.

In addition to seeing in print what services and features are included with the purchase of office management software, it is also important that you see for yourself.  Many office management software suppliers have video tutorials that show you how the software program works or they should at least have screenshots for you to examine.  Be on the lookout for software programs that seem too complicated to use, as they may not be in the best interest of your company or your office manager.

In keeping with examining office management software yourself, if you are able to find an office management software supplier who offers free trial periods, you are urged to accept their offer.  Even if the free trial period is only for a week, it will give you or your office manager the opportunity to determine if you can profit from the use of the software program in question.

Another step that you should take, particularly before making any office management software purchases, is that of comparing prices.  After a close examination, you will find that many office management software programs are sold by multiple suppliers or online vendors. Searching for the best deal will enable you and your business to achieve a larger return on your investment.

The above mentioned points are just a few of the many points that should be taken into consideration, when examining office management software.  Even if you are unsure as to whether or not office management software is right for your business, it is advised that you and your office manager at least take the time to examine your options.  You may be surprised with what you find.

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Positive and Negative Aspects of Computer Games

Positive and Negative Aspects of Computer Games

There are always two sides in every story. And in a similar way, one may be able to find both the best and the worst of a particular idea or material. Thus, for the sake of objectivity, it is always better to weigh in the pros and cons before finally deciding whether such an item or idea is worth the shot or not.

Similarly, the same concept holds true when it comes to computer games. Indeed, when one talks about computer games, one can easily have various diversions of reviews and personal rants and raves about it. Depending on what type of person you are, you would have either the best testimonial or the worst about computer games. But of course, such effect of using computer games, whether it is positive or negative, is also highly dependent on the user or the player of such computer games. It should be for everybody’s knowledge that there is nothing wrong about playing computer games when it is only played in moderation.

The positive aspects about computer games:

– It is a safe way to be entertained.

There are a lot of forms of entertainment. Usually for men, it is the physical games such as basketball or football. But expect only some minor body pains, bruises and aches as these are highly physical games. But with computer games, all you have to do is sit down and you can play whatever you want as long as it is available online.

– It is borderless

Usually when kids are playing, one can only participate such game if and only if the kids who will be participating are all present in the same area. However, in the case of kids or players who are fond in computer games, one may be able to play with other co players even though they are far away or even though they are not present with them. This is because of the most convenient feature offered to them through the Internet.

– It is not expensive.

As compare to other forms of gaming, computer games may be played even though you don’t have to expensively pay for it. For those who are only renting a computer to play computer games, you may only have to buy your hourly consumption of the Internet.

But with the positive effects also comes the negative effects of computer games. These are the following:

– It is highly addictive.

Since most users are only kids and teenagers, it would be very difficult for them to break the addicting habit. This could reach to a very serious issue to the point of them no longer wanting to go to school or do their household or school chores because they just want to play the game all night long.

– It keeps kids to be less engaging and less social

With the advent of technology through computer games, more and more people are now being less social as they are more absorbed in playing with their own personal computer games.

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Bluetooth Technology Intro

Bluetooth Technology Intro

The technology of Bluetooth is nothing new, but in many respects it can still seem like more of a buzz word rather than an accepted technology.  You may see the ads for Bluetooth enabled devices, although you still may be wondering what it is.


The Bluetooth definition is a wireless technology that is a worldwide specification for a small form factor, low cost solution that will provide link between mobile devices and other electronic devices.

Similiar to 802.11 b/g wireless and many cordless telephone systems, Bluetooth operates on 2.4 GHz radio signals.  The 2.4 GHz band seems to be a bit crowded, with interferences between the devices a bit hard to avoid.  Telephones are now being offered at the 5.8 GHz frequency band, which will help to remedy this.

The technical specifications of Bluetooth will indicate a maximum transfer rate of 723 kbps with a range of 65 – 328 feet, all depending on the class of that particular device.  The speed is a fraction of what is offered by wireless standards, so it’s obvious that Bluetooth doesn’t really pose a threat to replacing your wireless network.


There are numerous products that will take advantage of Bluetooth capabilities, such as laptops, PDAs, headphones, and even wireless printer adapters.

A lot of laptops out there will include an onboard Bluetooth adapter which allows the system to connect to any Bluetooth device right out of the box.  For computers that don’t have an adapter built right in, there are several USB adapters available for Bluetooth.

For an awesome technology, Bluetooth is actually hard to compete with.  For short range wireless, Bluetooth is easily one of the best.  The standard for Bluetooth keeps getting better and better, making it a wireless technology that will be around for years and years to come.

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A Safer Way to Recover Damaged Partitions

A Safer Way to Recover Damaged Partitions

Repairing damaged partitions on is a risky business. Even if you use the best toolkit and are absolutely sure in what you are doing, you are still risking your files shall something go wrong. Changes made to the damaged partition are irreversible; it is just too easy to overwrite an important system structure that holds vital information about your disk, files and data. Bottom line: it’s good to backup before performing data recovery. But is this really the best way to do it?

There is a different approach to do data recovery that is even safer. No need to backup and restore during the recovery. Instead of making a backup copy of corrupted data, you can simply take a binary snapshot of the partition being repaired, and attempt the recovery with different settings as many times as you need on this snapshot instead of the actual disk.

SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor by is one of a few data recovery tools that allow recovering a virtual image of a damaged hard drive instead of repairing the hard drive directly. The data recovery tool lets you create a binary image of the damaged hard drive, and works with the binary image instead of the real thing. The binary image is a big file stored on another hard disk, CD, DVD or other media. The technology is similar to making an .iso image of a CD or DVD disc, only SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor extends it to partitions or even entire disks.

The hard drive copy may be virtual, but any data you save from it is for real. SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor can recover your files, documents and other data from the binary image and put it on a healthy media. After that, you can attempt fixing the damaged system structures of the corrupted hard drive without taking any risk at all. Any modifications will be performed on the virtual image.

Don’t rush the recovery. Don’t take the risk of losing or corrupting your data. Create a virtual snapshot of the hard drive being repaired, and work on that snapshot instead of accessing the corrupted hard drive. This procedure keeps your original data safe, and ensures the highest level of safety during the recovery process.

SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor recovers files from damaged and corrupted disks and partitions and fixes damaged hard drives. The disk recovery product supports all 32-bit versions of Windows, and recovers FAT and NTFS formatted hard disks, memory cards, CD and DVD media, and USB flash drives. The evaluation version is available for free at

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bluetooth


Bluetooth has a lot to offer with an increasingly difficult market place.  Bluetooth helps to bring with it the promise of freedom from the cables and simplicity in networking that has yet to be matched by LAN (Local Area Network).

In the key marketplace, of wireless and handheld devices, the closest competitor to Bluetooth is infrared.  Infrared holds many key features, although the line of sight it provides doesn’t go through walls or through obstacles like that of the Bluetooth technology.

Unlike infrared, Bluetooth isn’t a line of sight and it provides ranges of up to 100 meters.  Bluetooth is also low power and low processing with an overhead protocol.  What this means, is that it’s ideal for integration into small battery powered devices.  To put it short, the applications with Bluetooth are virtually endless.


Bluetooth has several positive features and one would be extremely hard pressed to find downsides when given the current competition.  The only real downsides are the data rate and security.  Infrared can have data rates of up to 4 MBps, which provides very fast rates for data transfer, while Bluetooth only offers 1 MBps.

For this very reason, infrared has yet to be dispensed with completely and is considered by many to be the complimentary technology to that of Bluetooth.  Infrared has inherent security due to its line of sight.

The greater range and radio frequency (RF) of Bluetooth make it much more open to interception and attack.  For this reason, security is a very key aspect to the Bluetooth specification.

Although there are very few disadvantages, Bluetooth still remains the best for short range wireless technology.  Those who have tried it love it, and they know for a fact that Bluetooth will be around for years to come.

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ASUS G53SX-DH71 Full HD 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop – Republic of Gamers (Black) Review

The specs of ‘ASUS G53SX-DH71 Full HD 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop – Republic of Gamers (Black)’ are:

  • Manufacturer: Asus
  • Product Dimensions: 23×15.2×7.5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 17.2 pounds

Asus Republic Of Gamers G53sx-dh71 Full Hd 15.6-inch Gaming Laptop

Here are some REAL customer reviews:

“Silent Beast”

Just got this from J&R as it's local.Only had it a few days so this is just a first impression -What a beaut! – This laptop looks and feels like my perfect ideal for a laptop, understated (no crappy chrome-esq plastic, big glowing…Read more

“Built like a stealth fighter jet, and runs like one too!”

Im gonna cut straight to what you gamers want to hear.This laptop can run skyrim at MAX settings, and ittl get a TEEENY bit choppy in towns.It can run WoW at max settings, without skipping a beat. (poor internet connections may still slow the…Read more

“ASUS PC is great purchase!”

I purchased the Asus laptop based on a recommendation from my son, who has had an Asus for the last 2 years. The G53SX is a great PC! It was delivered early and was exactly what I had ordered, all parts in place and ready to rock and roll! I wanted a good…Read more

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Picture Of ASUS G53SX-DH71 Full HD 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop – Republic of Gamers (Black) Review
ASUS G53SX-DH71 Full HD 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop – Republic of Gamers (Black) Review

TP-Link N750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router (TL-WDR4300) Review

The specs of ‘TP-Link N750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router (TL-WDR4300)’ are:

  • Manufacturer: TP-Link
  • Language: English
  • Product Dimensions: 12.4×9.5×2.8 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 2.1 pounds

Tp-link N750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router

Here are some REAL customer reviews:

“Super-fast, great range, lots of features”

Pros:+ Fastest dual-band router I have used by far+ Lots of configuration options in admin panel+ DLNA server, FTP server, USB printer server and USB storage serverCons:- Physically large- No guest mode- Admin…Read more

“I think I’d wait for the next firmware update..”

I used the stock firmware and had also upgraded to TL-WDR4300_V1_120810. I've been a big TP-Link fan for a long time. We've used several of them at work and I have set several of my friends up with them at their homes, always a good experience.. until…Read more

“Beyond expectations”

I love the quick setup, the gigabit connections, and the dual band wireless. So far I've used the 5 Ghz band for my work PC, 2.5 Ghz for everything else. Both the wireless and wired connections have been rock solid, better than what I can say for my cable…Read more

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Picture Of TP-Link N750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router (TL-WDR4300) Review
TP-Link N750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router (TL-WDR4300) Review

The Different Types of Dell LCD Monitors

The Different Sorts of Dell LCD Monitors

Dell Ultrasharp U2412m (unboxing & Setup)

Dell is known around the world to find the best quality and technology advance items. Its number of items includes monitors, that is discovered to be bought by a few people for various reasons. Dell now manufactures LCD monitors, for home and office customers. The monitors unquestionably, are great and for that reason, it stands in the first position to make finest LCD monitors.

There’s a number of Dell LCD monitors obtainable in the marketplaces, that are manufactured with leading edge technology. The customers experience fantastic graphics and finest quality High-Definition (HD) display. Whether you need to play games, require a touchscreen LCD monitor or perhaps a three dimensional monitor, there is a perfect ones underneath the title of Dell. Regardless of for whichever purpose you utilize your LCD monitor, getting the correct one constitutes a massive difference.

Talked about here are the different sorts of Dell LCD monitors, that are around for business use in addition to casual use:

Dell E170S Lcd Monitor

Among the Dell&#39s innovative monitors that consume less energy and therefore are atmosphere friendly includes the Dell E170D Lcd Monitor. Its fits perfectly on desks and for that reason, many companies prefer purchasing this LCD monitor. However, this monitor was created by Dell, bearing in mind the necessity of medium and small business owners too various companies, because it affects the productivity positively and therefore, boosts the production level.

This is among the best listed 17 inch Dell lcd monitors, getting an answer of 1280×1024, which provides an output with sharp graphics and obvious text. Additionally, this monitor is ENERGY STAR qualified and EPEAT Gold registered.

Dell UltraSharp Monitors

Dell introduced another revolution in the market, using its cutting edge UltraSharp monitors. This series continues to be an award champion in delivering highly advanced quality display. You may enjoy its high-finish performance with lively colors, as it arrives with a PremierColor technology incorporated. Furthermore, it’s outfitted with Insolvency practitioners (In Plane Switching), which guarantees exact precision of all the position. Additionally, it includes a Dell Premium Panel Guarantee. The variety of hooking up this monitor include display port, High-definition multimedia interface, DVI, expensive visitors as well as other others.

There’s a number of monitors available under Dell&#39s UltraSharp category, where the Dell UltraSharp U2410 24-inch Widescreen Lcd, U2711 27 Inch Widescreen Lcd Monitor with PremierColor and U3011 30-inch Widescreen Lcd Monitor, has gotten honours for his or her first class performance.

In addition Dell UltraSharp monitors really are a best fit for posting firms, research firms, engineering, architectural and graphics firms and etc. These monitors are appropriate to be used at medium and small business facilities and also at home.

Dell Entertainment Monitors

Dell features a few of the LCD monitors, which provides its customers a greater level experience, if this involves entertainment. The Dell entertainment monitors hold the new LCD panel technologies, also provides a higher-definition resolution and it is three dimensional feature adds onto your enjoyment level either you play games, watch movies online or view pictures. Together with this, these monitors possess the multi-touch technology built-in, that is run by Home windows 7. It is made for use at your home only, that is greatly apparent, because these monitors are for entertainment purpose only. The Dell ST Series and Alienware OptX are incorporated within this group of monitors.

IN Series Monitors

The IN series monitors is yet another type of Dell Liquid crystal displays getting incomparable features and incredible value, that is therefore, considered ideal for those individuals who’re aware of the worth and high quality standards together with cost.

These monitors are on the run to supply perfect HD output around the widescreen, whenever customers play games or watch movies online. We’ve got the technology incorporated is greatly affordable and isn’t heavy around the pockets, if you opt to buy the IN series monitors. Furthermore, this number of monitors are proficient enough to take advantage from the energy effectively.

It may be stated that Dell isn’t just a business or perhaps an organization, that is busy in manufacturing items to be able to grow its business, but really it’s dedicated to serve people and companies whatsoever levels, as whatever Dell introduces on the market is perfectly made to match the need or requirement of the profession and also the people around the world.

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Picture Of The Different Types of Dell LCD Monitors
The Different Types of Dell LCD Monitors

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