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Body Wax For Hair Removal

Body Wax For Hair Removal

There are many ways to get rid of excess body hair. There are creams, epilators, and waxing. Waxing for hair removal is very effective since its results last for up to six months at a time. While many kits are available online and in stores, there are method that is removing hair out of body at home by using sugaring.

According to, sugaring is an ancient middle-eastern practice uses an all natural paste or gel made from food-derived ingredients like sugar, water, and lemon juice to remove the hair follicle from the root.

This process, sugaring, has many advantages. For instance, it can remove more hair quicker than waxing and has the same results. It is much easier to clean up, as well, since it is sugar based, not waxy. Furthermore, it is available at your own home. So, you will not need to see a professional, spend money on products that may or may not work.

Here is how to make the paste: first, you need a cup of sugar. Then, you add to it half a lemon and squeeze the juice out of it. Finally, you add some water. Getting the consistency right is tricky, but to make sure you have the right consistency, the sugar should be a nice golden hue.

Much like waxing, sugaring results last up to six weeks, however, as points out, this process is less painful because the sugaring is water based. Thus, it can be removed without as many bruises or rashes.

After the paste is made, you are ready to start removing hair. Wait for the paste to be cold. Add olive oil to make the paste easier to control and move on your skin. You can decide on the length of the strips, but you can always go for the three-inch length and two inch width, as it this is the traditional way to wax. Then, leave a part of the sugar strip to be your tab so you can pull the sugar strip in the direction opposite of the hair growth.

It is helpful, whether you choose to wax or to use sugaring, to take your time. Play some nice music in the background. Use water or olive oil to remove the wax or sugar so you do not have to deal with dried up wax, which is very painful to remove without causing any skin rips or bruises. Take a nice cup of tea with you while you wax, make a ritual of it and try to make the most of it as tea time, it will make the pain, whichever level you experience, go by faster and be more of a blur rather than a painful experience as a whole.

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5 Easy Tips For Treating Acne

5 Easy Tips For Treating Acne

If you have even a passing interest in the topic of acne, then you should take a look at the following information. This enlightening article presents some of the latest news on the subject of acne.

1. Avoid Scrubbing and Abrasives

Scrubbing and abrasives should be avoided. Experts have said that they irritate the skin, which should be left intact as a natural barrier against the acne-causing bacteria.

2. Sun for Beautiful Skin

As you may know, sun does kill bacteria, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t harm the skin. Note that the sun also acts as an astringent that dries, tightens and clogs the skin pores. Thus, you should just spend limited time under the sun. At least 15 minutes to the face and arms daily is enough.

3. Avoid Extremely Cold Weather

If extreme heat causes clogging of the pores, extremely cold weather causes it as well. So, avoid extremely cold weather so you don’t freeze and clog pores. It is ideal that you moisturize your face and body, and stay in temperatures ranging from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Swimming Does Help

Exercise for stress reduction by swimming in a properly treated indoor swimming pool. But, use the Ozone purified pool if possible. It is interesting to know that the swimming pool water is typically 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, which is well below the normal temperature of 98.6 degrees of your body. Therefore, the swimming water cools your whole body, including the acne affected areas, while providing excellent exercise to the rest of you. This even reduces stress as well as physical attention.

5. Think Clean

Change linens, wash cloths and body towels after each use. It is for the fact that they are great places for acne-causing bacteria to grow and be reapplied to the skin later. Also, wash white facial cloths, pillow covers, as well as personal undergarments daily with Vinegar, tea tree oil or essential oils of Lime, lemon or orange so to lessen the acne-related bacterial development. It is also often suggested that you apply a natural detergent for washing.

Indeed, there are a lot of ways to control and fight acne, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle is so far the best one to consider. It is important to note that healthy lifestyles will lead you to attaining a healthier skin and a healthier body. Changing your unfavorable habits will reward you with better general health, more energy, and clearer skin to show the world.

If you were once afraid to make changes, please don’t be. Of course, the initial affects may be hard to grasp at first, but as you go on, you will find out that you can quickly learn to adapt with them.

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Is there a cream that can replace Botox?

Is there a cream that can replace Botox?

Botox is a very controversial drug, because of its side effects. It is a poison that stops nerve cells from sending messages to your body, which makes your muscles numb. It smoothens wrinkles, but is far from healthy if it is done too regularly or you have an allergic reaction.

This is why many people are looking forward to identifying alternatives to such a treatment. A very popular one, that is probably the first to come up in civilization as a whole, is the medicine cream. Creams against wrinkles have always been used and their effectiveness has been severely doubted over the years. However, they are usually much cheaper than the Botox treatment and women are always inclined to try and see if they work.

The different creams

The problem is that many creams have no problem to act with the skin, but it is really hard to manage to reach the muscles. And since Botox is about the muscles that make your wrinkles, the skin itself is rarely affected as much as them. This presents an opportunity for creams to have a twofold effect and not only make you look better but also make your skin healthier. Here are some products that claim to do that and which are believed to replace Botox in the future.

Freeze 24-7

There is a cream that actually is said to have gathered the effects of Botox in a bottle. It is called Freeze 24-7 and is claimed to have similar effects as the treatment. A drawback is that the effects are temporary, but it is a big success that they can be seen at all and immediately nonetheless. Some people say that after you have used it daily for a month the effect stays a little bit longer, as wrinkles become smoother and not so defined, but it is something that is not entirely proven.

Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3

It is a cream that stimulates the production of collagen from the body. This is a quite expensive choice, around a $100, but it is said to be very effective as it stimulates the medicine your own body produces. The effects are obvious, but the cream has to be used regularly because they wear off pretty soon. However, it is a very useful cream, mostly used by celebrities, and is perfect for people who are afraid of needles ?an inexplicit part of the Botox treatment.

Olay Total Effects Eye Transforming Cream

This cream is believed to be quite healthy, because in its ingredients are some types of vitamin B. They are very important for the stimulation of collagen. As it is a very scientifically proven method, the drawback of this cream is that it takes some time to kick in. The progress is slow but steady and if you keep using it for enough time there is a good chance that you will be able to savor the results. The process of applying the cream can take up to six months, but you will avoid the unpleasant reactions you may experience with Botox.

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Body Wax Products

Body Wax Products

There are so many products out there to help you remove body hair. There are hair removal creams like Nair, for instance, which aid in removing hair without painful waxing. There is also real hair removal cream that has two creams in it. One cream is a preparatory cream followed by the hair removing cream. The cream is supposed to be applied to the skin for five to six minutes and then washed off the face.

However, if you are intent on waxing you body or face, there is a various amount of products to help you. Veet creates several waxing strips for various body parts. There are waxing strips for the face, for the legs, for the bikini area and the underarms (which are more sensitive).

Another product that allows you to remove hair is the Sally’s All Over Body Wax. It allows for you to wax all your body, even the sensitive parts of your body like the bikini area, or under arms.  According to Total beauty, this product has received a 6.9 stars out of 10 based on the reviews of consumers. One consumer writes, this product takes a bit of practice, but works better that the others I’ve tried. It needs to be applied in a thin coat (difficult, but doable) and removes most of even my (and I have thick hair that does NOT want to come out!) hair. Another consumer explains, two hours later, I notice that I have dark purple bruises on the areas where I was able to pull one or two hairs.

Nad’s  Body Wax Strips are another option that is available on the market. According to the product reviews on the Walgreens page, there are also mixed reviews. A consumer writes, it really like this product & the thing that i like most about this product are the Nads desensitizing wipes which reduce the ouch those really helped a lot. However, another consumer writes, he tried this product one and will never buy again.

The variety in the responses just shows how these products work depending on the consumers who are using them. Some people are allergic or sensitive to waxing in general. Others have a higher pain tolerance threshold. On the other hand, some people do not relate to waxing well at all.

It is important to note that there are far more waxing products for specific body parts than for the entire body.  Those products are more specific to the body and their sensitivity levels. One such product is GiGi Professional Brazilian Waxing Kit, which is receiving glowing review on Amazon.

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6 Common Cosmetic Dental Procedures Explained

6 Common Cosmetic Dental Procedures Explained

Cosmetic dentistry helps many people get a confident smile, and also corrects many dental anomalies. Six of the most common cosmetic dental procedures are:

1.    Dental bonding: This is carried out to fill gaps in the teeth and cover stains and chips. The process involves the application of a composite resin material to the tooth. The material, which is available in several shades, is sculpted to cover the desired area. It is then dried using a high-intensity light or a chemical. The process does not cause any discomfort to the patient except when a minor tooth roughening is done. Dental bonding does not require more than one visit to the dentist and is relatively inexpensive as compared to other dental restoration techniques.

2.    Tooth contouring and reshaping: This quick, inexpensive, and non-invasive procedure is used to fix dental issues such as overlaps, shallow pits and grooves in the enamel, worn edges, and chipped teeth. The dentist uses a polishing instrument for the removal of a tiny amount of enamel and the tooth is reformed. The enamel removal procedure is carried out only after dentists confirm through x-rays that the teeth requiring reshaping are strong enough to withstand some enamel loss. The process is completed with the smoothing and polishing of the edges of the newly contoured tooth. The process usually requires a follow-up visit after the first visit.

3.    Mouth guards and night guards: These are plastic appliances that offer protection to the mouth during sports and also while sleeping. Mouth guards disperse shock caused by violent contact and thus protect the head and neck. They are prepared using a cast of the teeth. The mouth guards can be stock, mouth-formed, or custom-made. Night guards prevent bruxing between teeth during sleep. They are ideal for people with worn teeth, those who suffer aches in the jaws, and people with teeth that are sensitive to cold.

4.    Halitosis or bad breath: The breakdown of food particles by the bacteria present under plaque, in the crevices on the tongue, and between teeth leads to the generation of volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) that cause bad breath. Periodontal disease is also a cause of halitosis. Dentists determine the amount of VSC being generated by using a halimeter. Treatment usually involves following a prescribed oral hygiene routine that may include the use of irrigators, artificial saliva, tongue scrapers, etc.

5.    Tooth whitening: This treatment is useful for removing stains that appear due to the consumption to tea, coffee, cigarettes, and wine. Whitening is carried out using bleaching gel, which is usually hydrogen or carbamide peroxide. The gel breaks down releasing oxygen molecules that penetrate the enamel and dentin and disintegrate the stains. The time required for results to appear depends upon the source of the stain and varies from a few hours to a few weeks.

6.    Crowns and bridges: Teeth that need repair after an accident or excessive decay can be treated by using a crown, which is an artificial replacement for the upper portion of the tooth. A bridge involves placing an alternate tooth that is held in place using two crowns that are bonded on adjacent teeth.

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Helpful Makeup Tricks

Helpful Makeup Tricks

General Advice

My biggest tip or trick when it comes to makeup is that less is more. If you look unrecognizable with the makeup, then you have overdone it. The point of makeup is to enhance your features, not conceal or alter them (not too much). The point is not to hide behind the makeup, not to use it as a mask, but to use it show your natural beauty. Okay, so how do we do that?

Skin Care:

Try to exfoliate your skin on a daily basis and use a face mask at least once a week. Doing so will help your skin cells be fresh and your pores clean. Julyne Derrick writes, the No. 1 rule I’ve learned as a beauty editor is the healthier your skin, the less makeup you’ll require. If you cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate skin, you’ll notice over time you don’t need much concealer and very little foundation.


Make sure your foundation matches your skin tone. Sometimes, you may have to mix two shades to get your colors. Do not fret! You will find the right swatch if you try match the color to your skin or your wrists. Next, when you finally find the right shade, be sure to apply a dime size of it to your face (if it is liquid) and then blend it to your neck so it does not look too jarring.


Wiggle the mascara wand at the base of your lashes. Then go through the lashes with the wand. Julyne Derrick writes, the wiggling part is key because it separates lashes. She adds, in this final step (which I always skip), close the eye and place the mascara wand on top of lashes at the base and pull through to remove any clumps.


I love, love, love cheek tints or cream blushes because they look more natural than powder blushes, which tend to look more chalky on me. Remember, you can always use your lipstick as a blush by blending it to your skin till it looks like a nice flush on your skin. What is beautiful about blush is that it can highlight your cheekbones without putting too much on your face. If you want, you can put some bronzer in the shape of a three around your face (on your temples, cheekbones, and chin).


Especially as summertime approaches, you may want to cut down on the amount of makeup you put on your face and lips. It all melts off into a gooey icky mess. So, try tinted lip colors. Revlon’s Just Bitten line is fantastic. I found dupes for it that are not tested on animals by NYC and Wet’s Wild.

Remember, you are beautiful with and without makeup. It’s the best accessory.

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Anti-Aging Skin Care, What You Should Know

Anti-Aging Skin Care, What You Should Know

Who would want to grow old?
Who would want to look old?

If only somebody knew the secret to the fountain of youth, that somebody would have riches beyond imagination. And this is not a gross exaggeration.

Any business, product or service that deals with anti-aging is sure to succeed. In fact, one of the fastest growing industry in the country today is the cosmetic industry which partly deals with helping people stay young and look young through augmentation, face lifts and surgeries. People are so ready to spend their hard-earned money on these procedures, something that they would not have done on any other kind of procedures.

Perhaps, one cannot blame these people from wanting to look young. With society’s emphasis on beauty and youth, more and more people are associating success and the happy life with a supple youthful skin. Besides, women are prettier are more likely to go up the corporate ladder.

Causes of Aging

But despite all that has been discovered to help curb the aging process, no procedure or product has ever been discovered that is capable of completely stopping the aging process. This is not possible. The only thing that most procedures can do is to slow down the process or lessen the visible signs of aging.

The aging of the skin is actually caused by too much exposure to the sun as well as the loss of hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. These two processes lead to the oxidation of collagen and the elastic fibers of the skin. The loss of these two substances in the skin will result to dimples on the skin and of course the sagging.

Prevention the natural way

There are of course natural ways that you can do to help prevent aging. One of which is the cliches combo of eating well and physical activity. However often you cringe at hearing this advice will not change the fact that these two are the primary things that can help you save those skins from sagging.

Eating fruits and vegetables especially those that are rich in Vitamin C and D will help in keeping the skin supple and moisturized. Foods with anti-oxidants are also helpful as this directly prevents oxidation.

Physical activity, on the other hand, helps by toning the muscles and keeping blood circulation going. This means that nutrients and minerals are distributed throughout the body.

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Acuvue Advance Contacts

Acuvue Advance Contacts

Just like any other contact lens from Acuvue, the Acuvue advance contact lenses offer you plenty of quality and reliability.  They are a cut above the rest, offering you excellent quality and comfort for a very affordable price.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Acuvue advance lenses is the addition of Hydroclear, made by Johnson and Johnson.  Although other types of Acuvue lenses now offer Hydroclear, the advance lenses were the first.  Hydraclear is a break through in contact lens technology, perfect for those who have problems with their lenses drying out.  This technology is considered to be among the best – and ideal for anyone who wants the best for their eyes.

Hydraclear is a rich moisture type element that is found throughout the exterior and interior of Acuvue advance contact lenses, helping to give them a soft, silky feel.  Once you put a pair of advance lenses in your eyes, you’ll notice the benefits of Hydraclear immediately.  It doesn’t dry out like other contact lenses, keeping your eyes refreshed while you wear them.

Acuvue advance contacts also offer you great protection as well.  They offer the highest type of UVA blocking and UV ray protection available for contact lenses.  You can enjoy wearing these contacts anywhere you go, which is great for those who travel.  If you like to go to the beach you can rest assured in knowing that the Acuvue advance lenses will keep your eyes protected from the sun while you enjoy the beauty of the beach.

Acuvue advance contacts are made from a soft yet flexible material, which makes them a breeze to put in your eyes.  There shouldn’t any trouble putting them in your eyes, which makes them ideal for anyone who wears contacts.  Simply put them in your eyes, and they will automatically conform themselves to your pupils, feeling comfortable from the start.

The advance contact lenses from Acuvue work pretty much the same as other contacts.  You need to clean them and soak them in contact solution overnight.  They are good up to a month per pair, which makes them ideal for everyday use. They normally come in boxes of 6, meaning that a single pair will last you up to 3 months.

If you wear contacts, you should look into the Acuvue advance.  You can buy them online, through your local optician, or anywhere else that sells contacts.  They are available in virtually every subscription, which is perfect for anyone who needs a dependable pair of lenses.  The Acuvue advance lenses are unlike any other type, for the simple fact that they are very comfortable, dependable – and easy to take care of.  Once you give them a try – you’ll never to use any other brand again.

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Effect of Culture For Today Hairstyle

effect of culture hairstyle

For centuries, women have considered their hair as their crown. This is why most women usually wants the best treatment for their hair, beside their skin. Most women believe that they can become beautiful if they also have beautiful hair and skin. There are so many ways in making hair beautiful such as by coloring it or applying new hairform. People commonly know these two ways in making hair beautiful as hairstyle. For centuries, hairstyle has developed. There are so many types of hairstyles and each people in this world, especially woman, has their own favourite hairstyle. However, we realize that there is something different with hairstyle right now. Hairstyle right now is not only affected by how people treat their hair as well as the environment, but also by the world culture, especially Korean culture which has become famous with its K-Pop.

Generally, people recognize that hairstyle right now is affected by Korean hairstyles and from fashion line hairdressers. There are various hairstyles type and each of them has their own characteristics which make people interested in applying them with their hair. However, everyone should take deep consideration before applying new hairstyle, especially medical consideration because hair is not just an object that people can treat in whatever style they like. Human’s hair can become sick and dead, too which will result in making people less beautiful. We totally sure that there is no one in this world who wants to become beautiful or handsome, but at the same time they have sick or dead hairs on their head.

The most popular hairstyle right now is Korean style. People usually recognize this hairstyle because it usually applied at medium or long hair. Using various techniques, people can also change the appearance of their hair in order to follow this style by creating their hair wavy or curly. In this case, people can choose whether natural wavy or curled wavy, using curling iron. Regarding the color commonly used for this hairstyle, most people love to use brunette, hazelnut chocolate, and dark brown colors. Most people choose this hairstyle because they think it is perfect for their daily look, especially when they apply shaggy cut and combine it with hair bangs.

The another style chosen by people as hairstyle right now is ladylike style. Basically, this hairstyle is inspired by women’s hairstyle in 1950-1060s. Usually, people love to apply this hairstyle because of its look: short to medium haircut, mostly curly at the bottom edge of the hair. Other people love to apply this hairstyle because they think it is perfect for party or formal events, especially when they emphasize it with maxi dress or even ball gown.

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Clean & Clear Morning Burst Detoxifying Facial Cleanser with Oxygen-Infused Formula, 8 Ounce Review

The specs of ‘Clean & Clear Morning Burst Detoxifying Facial Cleanser with Oxygen-Infused Formula, 8 Ounce’ are:

  • Manufacturer: Johnson & Johnson SLC
  • Product Dimensions: 7.5×2.3×1.4 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 0.7 pounds

Here are some REAL customer reviews:

“Fantastic stuff”

I ran out of my Clean and Clear for the shower and this stuff is much better. Smells cool and it really helps keep skin acne free. Doesn't hurt when I put it on either, it's smooth. Great for sensetive skin which I have.Read more

“Its ok.”

I bought this product because it had good reviews and I had already tried the other color which dried out my skin pretty bad so someone one here said that this one was more gentle. Honestly I couldn't tell much of a difference. My face got very dry while…Read more

“Clean & Clear Morning Burst Oxygen-Infused Detoxifying Facial Cleanser, 8 oz. Pump Bottle”

This product was purchased primarily because it is not readily available in local stores. The one-time offer of free shipping made this purchase more desirable.The Clean & Clear blue bottle is the better choice for normal skin (non-oily,…Read more

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Picture Of Clean & Clear Morning Burst Detoxifying Facial Cleanser with Oxygen-Infused Formula, 8 Ounce Review
Clean & Clear Morning Burst Detoxifying Facial Cleanser with Oxygen-Infused Formula, 8 Ounce Review

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