Are Chainsaws High Maintenance?

Keeping your chainsaw in great working condition is ideal for longer life on the appliance. It is not always suggested that you do the maintenance or repairs on your own as chainsaws can be very dangerous to the inexperienced owner. You will need to pay attention to signs that the chainsaw needs to be repaired and have it done by a professional in order to extend the life of your machine. It does not require boat loads of work to repair but it does require attention to detail.

Keeping the Chainsaw Sharp

The first order of business is to remember to keep the chain sharp. Dull chains can cause accidents and also require you to work that much harder to get the chainsaw to work. You can determine when your chain is getting dull because it will take more effort to get it to cut. This is the best sign that re-sharpening is needed.

Sharpening by a Pro

If you’re the bold and daring type you can go ahead and sharpen the chain on your own however it is best handled by a professional. They will sharpen the chain for as little as $15. A great way to avoid having to sharpen your chain all the time is to purchase a few backup chains. This might be an investment in the beginning but if you have all of your chains sharpened at the same time then you can switch out the dull chains when you need to.

Keeping the Chainsaw Clean and Oiled

Keeping it sharpened is not the only maintenance tip you need to prolong the life of your chainsaw. You will need to make sure that you keep the saw oiled so that it works properly for you when you need it. You will need to make sure that the chainsaw is clear from wood and sawdust debris and you will also need to make sure that there are no loose parts that could cause an accident. You can easily change the oil on your own by checking and refilling the reservoir before each use.

Clean Air Filters

To ensure that the saw maintains full power you will need to clean out the air filter and replace it from time to time. This is especially true when you’re using the chainsaw for long periods of time or quite often throughout the course of a few days. Also be sure to clean the fuel filter regularly.

Tighten the Chainsaw

Another part of routine maintenance for a chainsaw requires you to check the nuts, bolts, and screws regularly to see that they are in place and tight. Loose nuts and bolts could be grounds for an accident waiting to happen.

With a bit of basic understanding, attention to detail, and a bit of time you can easily maintain your chainsaw with ease. If you’re having troubles maintaining it on your own, talk with a professional who can service the equipment for you periodically at a reasonable price.

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