An Introduction To Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowers are widely used in different countries to clean the gardens and cut the grass short. There are many different kinds of mowers available in the market that are made up of revolving blades at an equal length. Lawn mowers use a blade that is rotating all the time when the motor is turned on and this chops the grass short. The mowers whose blades move in circular manner are known as rotator mowers and have blades around the circular axis. There are different types and kinds of mowers present in the market today.

The traditional mowers used are pushed manually by a person throughout the garden to chop down the grass. The mowers were small and had a long handle that helped in pulling them. But today many new latest designs and technology has been incorporated in mowers that are available in the markets.

The designs and technology has been applied to meet specific purposes. The smallest lawn mower is the traditional form of mower and is used on small lawns and gardens. The large and self contained mowers allow the person to ride on it throughout the garden and chop the grass as well. The mowers today are produced according to the size, shape and angles of the blades used in it. The reel mower is the mechanical kind of mower and the mechanism on which it runs has been altered from time to time.

It has a horizontal cutting blade at the bottom that falls close to the ground and cuts the grass that is long. Such mowers create a helix at the reel axis and there is a set of spinning blades that looks like a cylinder. The spinning blades push the grass out of the cutting bar. Most of such mowers are used on golf grounds and municipal parks. Today there are gasoline powered and electric powered blades also available in the market. They have two stroke or four stroke engine like those in other vehicles that run on roads. They basically have a 2-7 HP engine. Every month new models and versions of such mowers is introduced in the market.

Electric mowers are divided into cordless electric mowers and corded electric mowers. The corded electric mowers have as little noise as a washing machine. They are less heavy and noisy than the mowers that run on fuels and gasoline. They are easily available in the market and can also be purchased online.

Hover mowers are the kind of mowers that are powered by rotary push mowers and use a turbine over the spinning blade and drive the air in the downward direction and hence create a cushion of air that lifts it above the ground as in hovercraft.

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