5 Reasons Why You Should Install a Pool Alarm

Are you looking to have a swimming pool installed in your backyard?  Whether you do your shopping locally or online, you will find a number of swimming pool accessories available for sale.  One of those accessories is a pool alarm.  If you are like many other new pool owners, you may be curious whether or not this is an item that you need.  Please continue reading on for five reasons why a pool alarm is considered a must have.

1) It May Be Required By Law

Did you know that many state and local governments have strict laws concerning swimming pools?  Many home and pool owners are actually surprised to hear this.  Typically, you will find requirements for pool fences, but many states are now starting to mandate swimming pool alarms as well.  For example, all pools installed or constructed after December 14, 2006 in New York must come equipped with a pool alarm.

Does your state have this similar requirement?  You should know before you buy your next swimming pool or at least before it is up and running.

2) It Is a Pool Safety Tool

As for why some states are starting to require the installation and use of pool alarms, it is because they are a great pool safety tool to utilize.  When properly used, pool alarms can help to reduce fatalities associated with drowning.  This is because these alarms are designed to sound when there is a disturbance in the water.  This includes a child or even an adult falling into the pool.  While you will find some variations, most alarms are designed to sound within twenty seconds of that disturbance.  SonarGuard can and will sound instantly.

If you are a parent, a pool safety alarm can give you great comfort and peace of mind.  Of course, it shouldn’t replace constant supervision and a watchful eye.

3) It Can Reduce Liability

One of the biggest complaints made by some pool owners is that they don’t have a child, so why do they need to have a pool alarm?  It is important to remember that just because you don’t have a child in your home, it doesn’t mean that one can’t make their way into your pool.  Do you have young children who visit your home?  Do you have small children in the neighborhood?  If so, a pool alarm is needed.

In terms of liability, it is hard to state whether or not you will be held liable for an accident in your pool.  It depends on a number of factors, including precautions taken, the outcome of the accident, the victim’s family, and your local and state laws.  Don’t let it get the point where you are concerned about liability though.  Protect your swimming pool with an alarm.

4) They Are Easy to Install

Another pool safety tool that is recommend is that of a fence.  Although fences are recommended and even occasionally required by law, they can be hard to install.  In fact, professional installation is often used.  That isn’t the case with pool alarms.  They are easy to install.  In fact, with detailed directions provided by the manufacturer, it could take you five minutes or less to do so!

5) Your Buying Options

Pool safety alarms are sold by a number of retailers, both on and offline.  Just because you buy your pool from one retailer, it doesn’t mean that you also have to buy your pool alarm from there.  You can price compare.  Just make sure that you have an alarm and that it is installed as soon as your pool is filled with water.

As an important reminder, equipping your pool with a pool alarm is recommend, but it isn’t always enough.  Be sure to check the alarm for yourself.  Set it so that your pool is protected and jump in.  Does the alarm sound as required?  If you have children in your home or even in your neighborhood, remember that a watchful eye is the best way to implement pool safety this summer.

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